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Hello 👋 I'm Jon!

As an education technology consultant with over a decade of experience in the field, I specialize in driving edtech adoption through innovative partnerships, community building, impactful events, and powerful storytelling.

My proven track record of success in the education sector has led to a reputation as a trusted leader in the industry, known for my ability to identify opportunities for growth and develop creative solutions that drive success.

He is an exceptional keynote speaker who captivates an audience with a clear message. Jon also planned and delivered a number of large events and conferences for external stakeholders impeccably. Most importantly, he does all of this with an infectious good spirit and humour!

- Oil Trussell, Google For Education EMEA

Proven Impact


Leveraging a global network to establish partnerships that drive product adoption and increase impact.

Deep experience in driving growth across social media platforms and designing programs that foster product use, advocacy, and impact.

Accomplished event organizer with a track record of delivering large-scale, impactful events and conferences attended by thousands.

Storytelling to engage and connect with audiences, using my skills as a content creator and brand architect to build a compelling narrative.

Jon knows more about the dynamics of product adoption in education than anyone else I have ever met, combining deep understanding of educator needs with the skills of a highly experienced technology integrator.

- Will Jackson, CEO at Mote

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